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Animo Television has partnered with the United Drug PLC to produce a range of different video production designed to promote various divisions and services of the company.

In this video, we worked with the Healthcare Insights division of United Drug to create a series of videos designed to promote two of United Drug’s main products; the Irish Prescribing Index and Gorilla Survey.

As part of their campaign to encourage Irish medical practitioners to subscribe to the Irish Prescribing Index and Gorilla Survey, Animo produced a selection of informative digital videos that would alert potential users to the effectiveness of these products. Using visually stimulating animations and bite-size statistical snippets, we created a series of brief videos that shared key facts about both products to possible customers. We also included real-life situations when demonstrating how the product was used, which highlighted it’s functionality to the audience.

These promotional videos were very popular with the client, and are featured prominently on the United Drug website.

Visit our Vimeo channel to see the full range of videos we produced for United Drug.

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