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The Gift of Life is a series produced by Animo Television for TV3 that focused on the serious issue of organ donation in Ireland.

This series charted the stories of 14 people from all over Ireland who are (were) awaiting organ transplants. These patients suffered from a variety of different illnesses and conditions, but all were in need of an organ donation at some time in the near future.
The series also followed the dedicated medical teams in the transplant centres in Beaumont, St Vincent’s and the Mater Hospital, and the efforts they make to ensure the health and well-being of their patients as they wait for donations to become available.

The Gift of Life was an extraordinary and in-depth look at how organ donation can mean a new chance at life for so many people across the country. It also focused on the personal stories and hardships of those waiting for organ donation, including the experience of friends and families who were also affected by the illness.

The Gift of Life was a hugely important series for Animo. Not only did it provide gripping and engaging content for television audiences, but it also represented an important advocacy effort for an issue that effects so much individuals in Ireland today. It gave a platform for the underrepresented individuals awaiting donation to tell their story, therefore increasing national awareness.

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