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The Gene That Could End My Life is one of Animo’s most intimate and sobering documentary investigations.

This one-off documentary follows Ryan O’Neill, a 30 year old man with a unique and exceptional family story.

After already losing his father and a number of other family members to early onset Alzheimers Disease, Ryan embarks on a journey to discover if he himself is a carrier of the deadly gene. This is a difficult decision for Ryan to make, as he has a 50/50 chance of having inherited this gene from his father, a gene that would condemn him to an early death.

Over nine months, this documentary follows Ryan as he and his family try to cope with this remarkable situation, up to and including the final moment where he is told the result of the test.

It is something that not many of us could contemplate. How would we feel if we could find out what awaits us in the future and how might we deal with that knowledge?

The Gene That Could End My Life is a brave and touching story of a typical Irish family who continue to cope with a unique situation. Through telling his personal story and allowing the cameras to follow his journey, Ryan shows the incredible impact Alzheimer’s is having on Irish society today and into the future

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