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In 2011, Animo produced the first series of Secret Millionaire for RTE.

This series followed a selection of Irish millionaires as they turned their back on their day-to-day lives to help those most deserving. Typically the leaders of extremely successful businesses, in Secret Millionaire they went undercover in search of people who needed their help and finances. Their search for local Irish charities brings them face-to-face with some of our most pressing social problems including, cancer in young children, youth violence, disability and addiction. Again, they visit various parts of Ireland in search of those unsung heroes not often seen in the media.

Series three featured secret millionaires Margaret Farrelly, Warren Logan and Enda O’Coineen, as they met extraordinary Irish people working selflessly everyday to help people in their own communities. Each millionaire then springs the ultimate surprise when they give thousands of euro of their own money to their chosen charities and reveal themselves as a Secret Millionaire.

This series was widely lauded by audiences for it’s emotional and philanthropic appeal, and strengthened Animo’s already impressive background in TV entertainment.

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