JFK: A Homecoming

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In this landmark historical documentary, TV and radio broadcaster Ryan Tubridy examines the public and private sides of the whirlwind Kennedy visit of 1963.

This was very much the tale of an emigrant family who left Irish shores in destitution during the famine, only to return successfully in the future, closing the circle of history.
Within three generations the Kennedy clan had risen from poor Irish immigrant stock to the highest political office in America, and effective leaders of “the Free World”.

What is less well known is that JFK was in Ireland on three other occasions, revealing a much deeper relationship between President Kennedy and Ireland. More than that, the documentary will reveal that our own national relationship with him, and by extension America, was more complex than we commonly imagine.

JFK: A Homecoming was hugely popular on it’s release, critically lauded and discussed the length and breadth of the country. It represents the potential of Animo to produce genuine historical investigations which appeal to a wide-audience demographic as entertainment programming.  

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