Ireland’s Great Wealth Divide

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In this hard hitting Animo production, David McWilliams leads an investigation into the true social economics of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, where wealth is anything but equal.

Ireland’s Great Wealth Divide takes a candid look at the nature of wealth distribution in Ireland, examining how a small minority of high earners actually profited during the recession, while the rest of the country struggled to stay afloat. We get right down to the root of Irish economics – where making money is a good thing, but there is virtually no trickle down from the small percentage of top earners to the rest.

We also look at the effects of this disparity from a sociological and psychological standpoint, as the rich grow more powerful and the rest lose their influence. Anxiety, stress, homelessness, and political unrest are all dangerous by-products of this divide that keeps growing larger.

This was one of Animo’s most revealing investigative productions to date, and underscores the lofty programming standards we have come to produce in terms of documentaries.

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