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Following the economic turmoil of recent years, Animo and George Lee produced the investigative documentary Ireland Outside the Euro. In this, we explored Ireland’s relationship with the single currency and asked the burning question: can the Euro hold together?

Lee interviews a series of experts from Ireland, the UK, Belgium and Germany, looking towards what the future might hold for the Euro as a single currency.
Some argue for a break up as the only natural outcome, while others claim that further European integration is necessary.

George Lee examines whether the Euro was a flawed concept from its very inception. Could the Irish, the Greeks and the Italians ever be as competitive as the Germans? How can Europe deal with the challenges that lie in front of its banking system? Will European countries come together to share the burden of sovereign and bank debt that now hangs over the continent? In the instance of a break-up or some peripheral countries being vulnerable to an exit, how would Ireland fare outside the Euro currency? Would it be better, as some have argued, or set us back decades?

Ireland Outside the Euro represented a broadening of Animo’s already extensive portfolio in hard-hitting investigative documentaries, and ignited fierce debate on its broadcast.

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