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The Institute of Education is Ireland’s leading pre-university college. Situated behind it’s trademark yellow door on Lower Leeson Street, it is recognised for the highest standards of teaching and excellence in preparation for the Leaving Certificate.

To support its marketing programme, the Institute of Education required a series of informational video modules to acquaint potential students with the educational services they offered. These video modules needed to appeal to students both nationally and internationally, and would also be featured on its own website, YouTube account, and other promotional formats.

To create an effective informational video, Animo decided to obtain testimonials directly from teachers, staff and students. We asked them what makes the Institute of Education so different, giving the audience a good sense of the educational ethos in place at the Institute.

We also interviewed past pupils to see how they had been prepared for their future studies, as well as short clips of the multi-cultural and proactive student life that also exists outside of the classroom.

The result was a very effective and engaging video which informed potential students of the benefits in attending courses at the Institute of Education.

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