Freefall: The Night the Banks Failed

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Coinciding with the second anniversary of the controversial Irish government bank guarantee, Freefall: The Night the Banks Failed is an IFTA-winning two part documentary series which tells the story of the Irish banking crisis.

Freefall: The Night the Banks Failed tells of how a huge property bubble, fuelled by the lending practices of the Irish banking system, brought the Irish economy precariously close to the edge. The series recounts in detail the dramatic events, both global and national, in the fortnight leading up to the banking guarantee.

This documentary also delves deep into the past, tracing the origins of this unprecedented crisis back 25 years to the era when financial deregulation began, with a promise of economic stability and new-found wealth for all.

Freefall: The Night the Banks Failed was a hugely popular documentary series for Animo, and truly underpinned the lofty investigative and programming standards of the company. The series went on to win the prestigious ‘Best Documentary Series’ award at the 2011 Irish Film and Television (IFTA) awards.

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