Design Doctors

Design Doctors was an Animo produced home-improvement show for RTE. Presented in it’s second series by dynamic design duo, Aoife Rhattigan and Garry Cohn, it gave audiences the chance to reinvigorate their homes with a new sense of style.

The series gave us a sneak peak into the world of interior design and allowed us to see how the designers create such unique concepts, execute them meticulously, all while giving confidence and inspiration to six desperate homeowners.

Aoife and Garry believe that our home interiors can have a massive impact on the way we live. From cramped or cluttered spaces, to beige rooms with no individuality, good design and a clever use of colour can inject a much needed dose of personality into our homes.

Celebrated internationally for their eye-popping interiors, from high-end homes and luxury hotels to fashion forward retail design, these designers push the boundaries to create unique, bold and distinctive designs. Faced with much smaller budgets, the designers had to get creative and ensure the biggest bang for the homeowners buck.

Across the series, they visited inspirational spaces and created jaw-dropping designs. Packed with practical tips, the designers taught homeowners to embrace new design concepts which would create space, maximize light, and add some imagination into their homes- without breaking the bank.

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