Six women – all different ages, all from different backgrounds.
All of them have a camera that they use to capture the most intimate moments of their lives.

Welcome to Connected.

For this hugely popular series, Animo gave 6 very different women personal cameras to record their lives for 6 months. Whether they are married or single, students or working, mothers or childless – they are all looking for the same things in their lives.

Based on over 1,000 hours of unscripted footage filmed by the stars themselves, separate storylines come together in each episode based around a single theme, reflecting the women’s sense of self and their search for self-fulfilment.  In this series, each woman is their own director.  They decide the content and how it is delivered.

As the cameras probe deeper and deeper into their lives, an entire country sits at the edge of their seats, watching, waiting, and most of all, wondering whether Connected is more than just a journey into the innermost worlds of its protagonists.
Could it be a reflection of the fears we all face in a fast-paced, ever-changing modern world? Could it be a reflection of us?

Visit our Vimeo site the see exclusive footage from one of Ireland’s most popular reality series.

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