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In Baz’s Extreme Worlds, Baz once again throws himself into the abyss as he experiences lives that are drastically different to the one he’s used to, both at home and abroad.

Running for two series on RTE, audiences saw Baz cast into bizarre, and often dangerous, situations as he sought to experience life a little differently.

In series one, he travels to one of the most high security prisons in North America and talks to prisoners on death-row, goes on call-outs with the New York City Fire Department, and braves the icy waters of the Atlantic with Irish fishermen. He also jumps into the ring (or cage) with MMA enthusiasts, and experiences climates of startlingly different degrees as he lives as a survivalist in Northern Sweden, and then tours with the Irish army in war-torn Chad.

Series two seemed more determined to add our presenter onto the list of endangered species.
Baz travels to a remote farm in Southern Colorado, which is home to over 350 alligators (some of which he is expected to wrestle), and lives amongst one of the most feared tribes on the planet in the remote plains of South-West Ethiopia.
Back home, he is on a quest to find out more about the weird world of those dedicated to body building. In the run-up to the Bodybuilding Ireland championships, he gets to know two of the competitors and gains an insight into how they live their lives.
Then, Baz undertakes one of the toughest and dirtiest jobs out there – a pest exterminator. In this adopted role, he comes face-to-face with some domestic situations he was not, in any way, prepared for.

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