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In 2007, Animo TV and RTÉ embarked upon a unique experiment – We began to document the lives of a group of Irish children and their families from all over the country and from all walks of life.
The result was the critically acclaimed series, 21st Century Child.

Presented by psychologist David Coleman, we watched these children grow up in a Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, a time of austerity and economic uncertainty. Through the lives of these children, we were told the story of the modern Irish family and the issues they face.

21st Century Child ran for four series, initially following the children to the brink of turning five. Then, we followed them into the classroom as they embarked on life’s greatest adventure, the pursuit of knowledge.

Through 2012 and 2013, this two part series captured the anticipation and trepidation as our children ready themselves for the biggest single change to happen in their young lives since birth. School would be competitive and challenging as the children met the law of the playground and the new authority of teacher.

School was a testing time for their parents too. Junior Infants brought a whole new set of emotional and logistical problems, as well as challenging their own ideas on education.
But, most of all, for mum and dad it was a time for letting go.

21st Century Child was a groundbreaking series that not only highlighted the uncertainty and strain of post-Boom Ireland, but also the complex familial bonds that relate to us all.

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