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Glanbia Ingredients Ireland are one of the leading suppliers of ingredients to major food manufacturers, baby formula producers and the beverage industry.

As a high quality supplier of dairy products, they have invested heavily to provide on-farm programmes which help farmers improve their production quality and quantities. They have also put a heavy focus on the sustainability of their dairy production practices, and are committed towards the development and maintenance of responsible systems in the future.

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland asked Animo to produce a video that would showcase their generous support programmes available to farmers. They required a corporate video that would give an attractive illustration of the production and distribution process under the company’s directives.

At Animo, we developed a storyline under the theme “I am Glanbia Ingredients Ireland”. This video focused heavily on the importance of the individual farmer to the success of Glanbia, as well as the benefits Glanbia support programmes have for dairy farmers. Animo were keen to show that the farmer is the basis of the company’s influence across the globe, and created a visually attractive production to support this.

Visit our Vimeo account to see more video productions we produced for Glanbia Ireland.

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