In preparation for Rare Disease Day 2012, Animo Television worked closely with EURORDIS and their PR company, Burson Marsteller- Brussels, to create an innovative advocacy video that would catch people’s attention, and also send a clear message to raise awareness of rare diseases.

This video consisted of a number of individuals that suffered from rare diseases and felt invisible to society. Each individual was captured either in shadows or with their faces covered to highlight the isolation that they felt due to the lack of awareness for their condition. Towards the end of the video, each individual revealed their face to the camera, underlining the fact that there are actual people behind the statistics for rare diseases.

The resulting video was a moving and thought provoking piece that exceeded all of the client’s expectations. Moreover, it showcased Animo’s creative spirit and storytelling ability.

The video is one of the most popular awareness videos produced to date for EURORDIS, with nearly 70,000 views of the English language version and many more of other language versions.

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