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The European Patients Forum is an umbrella organisation that represents the interests of an estimated 150 million patients across Europe in public health and health advocacy.

We were asked by our friends in Burson Marsteller Brussels to produce an official video to launch the campaign for patient rights in conjunction with the European Parliament elections. In particular, this video would be designed to raise health issues with prospective MEPs and ensure that the concerns of patients are being recognised in the run-up to the elections.

This video was intended to focus on the individuals, each of whom make up the colossal group represented by the Forum. The barriers that impede their way were made literal in the clip, and we showed how together we could knock them down and vote for a healthier, more patient-conscious Europe.

The video was very successful, receiving over 20,000 views across multiple languages – impressive numbers for a campaign video of this type.

Produced in the style of an expensive television advert, it showcased Animo’s ability to generate excellent professional content with a modest budget.

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