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In 2012, the European single market became 20 years old. To mark this occasion, and to look towards the future also, DG MRKT approached Animo with the idea of making a video. They wanted this video to focus on the idea of ‘The Single Market Generation’- those EU citizens born since 1992 who have grown up knowing nothing but the European single market. They also wanted to focus on the theme of ’20’ in this video, and have a narrative built around that.

The video Animo created for DG MRKT starts off with vintage black and white news footage of Europe, giving a brief reminder of what life was like before the single market. Then a group of young people are shown watching this footage in a much more modern setting. These are the people called ‘Generation 1992’, or those who celebrate their birthday with the birth of the European Single Market.
Using young people like this not only served to show the age of the Single Market, but also the potential and benefits it has for younger generations who might be largely unaware of its existence or importance. As the video progresses, various benefits of this Single Market are shown in on-screen text, such as the free movement of people (which is accompanied by images of people travelling), or the benefits for consumers (accompanied by images of various different market places).
Although this video is relatively short, it manages to get across some key messages. It shows the balance between history and the future, the focus on the theme of the number ‘20’, dynamism and hope, appealing to younger and often disengaged audiences, and ultimately showing how the single market is an assert to the future of the European Union.

This carefully scripted production for DG MRKT allowed us to use the theme of ‘20’ to the benefit of the video. Using a strong soundtrack and a written narrative driven by key words and sentences (that could be easily translated into other languages), we managed to produce an engaging piece of video content for DG MRKT that celebrates the anniversary of the European Single Market.

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