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Producers of 'Ireland's Fittest Family'

… you’ll find yourself cheering them on, it’s irresistible – dailyedge.ie  

Producers of 'Baz's Culture Clash' and 'Baz's Extreme Worlds'

Animo Television set the benchmark for popular, innovative, and quality drama programming  
".. then the whole programme was stitched together to make, what I have to say, is an absolutely compelling, real soap opera.Conor Pope
Conor PopeThe Irish Times
"Connected began on RTE2 last night, and while we weren't sure just how in the hell this groundbreaking format would translate to the viewer at home, safe to say, it had us hooked."Fiona Flynn
Fiona Flynnentertainment.ie
"... the programme makers have managed to give a layered impression of each woman who, on paper, and initially, seem very one-dimensional and perhaps not even that likeable."
Irish Independent
"What I found with all six was this rawness that couldn’t be unleashed in a regular reality TV show. It sees the cracks, the imperfections- and none of this is glossed over in Connected.”Dáirne Black
Dáirne Blackcampus.ie
  • Audrey Farrell
    Audrey FarrellHead of Production
  • Debbie Thornton
    Debbie ThorntonDevelopment Executive Producer
  • Claire Gormley
    Claire GormleyProduction Executive